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What's EZMend?

EZMEND, recommended by orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists, is a rehabilitating solution for post knee or hip surgery or for anyone affected by physical impairments. The EZMEND is a “take home” solution to accelerate the recovery of your hip or knee impairment. It is designed to strengthen the muscles supporting the injured joint via proper and controlled motions, to enhance postoperative healing and rehabilitative process. EZMEND promotes a faster and simpler solution for those eager to recover quickly and effectively from hip or knee surgery.

ezmend knee & Hip rehab device for home rehabilitation

The EZMEND helps you perform two exercises; one for hip rehabilitation and the other for knee rehabilitation while engaging the hip and ankle joints. It comes with a soft strap to assist in the movement and to alleviate any pressure when performing the exercises. The EZMEND is a non weight bearing exercise device that works by keeping your joints controlled and aligned during the movement for optimal results. Without stressing the joint, the EZMEND properly stretches and strengthens your muscles while the exercise reduces the pain associated with rehabilitation and increases your recovery and comfort. The EZMEND is a simple and easy solution to postoperative joint recovery or for those seeking to enhance their mobility. The EZMEND does not require any setup and is easy to incorporate into daily routines to provide a faster recovery and enhanced mobility. Using the EZMEND daily works to:

  • Diminish postoperative pain
  • Prevent muscle weakness (Atrophy)
  • Reduce swelling
  • Minimize stiffness
  • Minimize the chance of scar tissue developing at the joints
  • Minimize heel chafing
  • And overall, a faster recovery due to the simplicity of incorporating

 EZMEND into daily routines as a “take home” solution to knee and hip rehabilitation.

Senior Couple on beach free from knee or hip pain or discomfort