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Patient and Physician Reviews

Gaile Laine 

Great for knee replacement therapy before and after the surgery.
- Gaile Laine, Amazon review

Gordon Hansen

Excellent product for people who have had a knee replacement
- Gordon Hansen, Amazon Review

Joanne Truckle 

This is an amazing exercise board for knees...used one similar in physio after surgery...they really do help
- Joanne Truckle

Denise Cooke-Browne

I had knee surgery and have limited thigh and hip muscles from previous orthopedic problems. The ez-mend slider is a life saver and is helping me get my knee bends to where the need to be. And I don't need help to do my exercises.
- Denise Cooke-Browne

Mrs. Jeanne Kirby and Dr. J. Kirby

I was talking to a mutual friend of ours and I had told her about my wonderful gliding device that is so helpful in my rehab program. She told me you are responsible for getting it on the market. I had used it in hospital during my stay and my orthopedic surgeon recommended it to me. It was available in the drugstore within the hospital (Mackenzie Health Centre in York Region) formerly York Central. I paid $200 for it and am very happy with my purchase. Thank you for making this device and I hope you are successful in marketing it to more retail outlets and perhaps physicians, I thought SDM Health Homecare stores should be carrying it or better still renting them but they did not know anything about them in Markham. I plan to take the brochure with info so they can call their head office and purchase them. It is certainly an important tool towards rehab of knees and hips. I should mention that I had bilateral knee replacements done in early August and am now 8 weeks post op. Thanks again for having such a device available for us. Sincerely;
– Mrs. Jeanne Kirby and Dr. J. Kirby

Taryne Ela, PT, DPT

Since bringing the EZMEND into the hospital patients status-post internal hemipelvectomy without reconstruction and distal femur and proximal tibia replacements with endoprosthesis have had the opportunity to use EZMEND in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Patients acute post-surgery have expressed confidence and empowerment in their rehab process using the EZMEND. In my experience patients appreciate the sense of personal control with ROM and ease of ROM without friction and shear. As a clinician the EZMEND provides a controlled, predictable environment for patients to more quickly progress in hip and knee joint ROM and muscle activation. The EZMEND has been a great addition to the hospital and is practical for patient’s to purchase for home use.
– Taryne Ela, PT, DPT |

CECIT. H. RORABECK, MD, FRCSC - Professor Department of Surgery (Orthopaedics)

RE: Slider Board Technology
Dear Paul:
I was pleased to see the new Slider Board Technology. As you know, I used the Slider Boards quite extensively post-op for patients undergoing hip and knee replacements. This technology was extremely helpful in the post operative period, as it allowed the patients to increase their range of motion and also strengthen muscles around the hip and knee. I also had the impression that encouraging the use of the Slider Board, seemed to diminish post-operative pain and swelling. From a practical standpoint it was very helpful to have these patients go home with the Slider Board. It allowed them to work at their own pace and was a worthwhile supplement to their physiotherapy.
Cecil Rorabeck, MD FRCSC


Simple but effective - This device was recommended by my Physiotherapist. It made doing knee bends (heel slides) so much smoother and was able to stop at any point to measure knee angle achievement.
Diane Irving (Amazon Review)


This is the best device you could have at home to help you... Wish I had this before my knee surgery. This is the best device you could have at home to help you recover from knee surgery.
Karen Hirst (Amazon Review)


Helps recovery from total knee replacement surgery - I purchased this item as the physiotherapist used a wooden one at the hospital and we felt having one at home would be beneficial. Once we received the product, it made bending the knee much easier. They were still painful, but my foot would glide more easily. 
Art D'Silva


EZMEND Slider Board for TKR and Recision - An excellent physio tool!
Has helped to improve my bend and range of motion. Suggested by my physiotherapist. Easy to use.


Good Quality Product and Great for Knee Surgery Recovery - Thanks EZmend for giving us a chance to buy this online. Shopped all over town and no one had one. It is a must for before and after knee replacement surgery.

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