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How to Use EZMEND After Knee Surgery

Performing exercises with EZMEND helps to speed up recovery from injury or surgery through low impact exercises of the injured joint and surrounding muscles. They can also help increase overall movement and range of motion (ROM) in the joints for those seeking to combat atrophy. The EZMEND is easy to use and does not require you to put weight on your injury while keeping your joints perfectly aligned for optimal results.

The steps below will help you set up and use your EZMEND device. For Manual & Brochures Click Here.


How to Set Up EZMEND After Knee Surgery


Step 1

Sit lengthwise on a bed or physiotherapy table. Place the EZMEND under the leg you wis to exersize.

Step 2

Wrap the soft strap around the instep of your foot and place the heel of your foot in the cup.



Step 3

Grasp the ends of the soft strap and gently pull your leg in toward your chest, keeping your leg aligned, and hold for 5 to 10 seconds.

Step 4

Return your leg to the extended position. Repeat as advised under the guidance of your doctor or physiotherapist. Rest when fatigue sets in.

This motion exercises the range in motion of your hip joint and stretches the muscles in your leg. This aids the rehabilitation of the hip joint.



Adjusting the Range

You can adjust the range with in which the cup will slide by moving the pegs on the side of the EZMEND. This will prevent you from over stressing the joint and allow you to increase the range as your ability improves.


Manual & Brochures


Reviews of the EZMEND

CECIT. H. RORABECK, MD, FRCSC - Professor Department of Surgery (Orthopaedics)

RE: Slider Board Technology
I was pleased to see the new Slider Board Technology. As you know, I used the Slider Boards quite extensively post-op for patients undergoing hip and knee replacements. This technology was extremely helpful in the post operative period, as it allowed the patients to increase their range of motion and also strengthen muscles around the hip and knee. I also had the impression that encouraging the use of the Slider Board, seemed to diminish post-operative pain and swelling. From a practical standpoint it was very helpful to have these patients go home with the Slider Board. It allowed them to work at their own pace and was a worthwhile supplement to their physiotherapy.
Cecil Rorabeck, MD FRCSC See all Testimonials


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