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Reviews of the EZMEND

CECIT. H. RORABECK, MD, FRCSC - Professor Department of Surgery (Orthopaedics)

RE: Slider Board Technology
I was pleased to see the new Slider Board Technology. As you know, I used the Slider Boards quite extensively post-op for patients undergoing hip and knee replacements. This technology was extremely helpful in the post operative period, as it allowed the patients to increase their range of motion and also strengthen muscles around the hip and knee. I also had the impression that encouraging the use of the Slider Board, seemed to diminish post-operative pain and swelling. From a practical standpoint it was very helpful to have these patients go home with the Slider Board. It allowed them to work at their own pace and was a worthwhile supplement to their physiotherapy.
Cecil Rorabeck, MD FRCSC See all Reviews